1. wander

  2. climbing through the boulders to view the 400 foot waterfall in the national park Pico Bonito in Honduras

  3. overlooking copan


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  5. ferry captain 

  6. this ferry was flying across the ocean to get to Utila, Honduras

  7. the Island of Utila, Honduras as we arrive on the ferry.

  8. Aaron

  10. loitering support rail? 

  11. not a bad view from the new spot if i’d say so.

  12. White water raftingdown rio cangrejal was amazing

  13. stopping by on one of the Utila cays. 

  14. this was the only day we could easily see the mountains of the mainland across the ocean on Utila.

  15. packing some bananas onto the ferry before we head to the island Utila