1. I like food.

    @kylearl and I had some good eats at @villalobos_nj. Started off with esquites (corn off the cob, crema, cotija, morita) as well with the American snapper ceviche blanco 👌

  2. Wordsauce Nation. spread the word pass the sauce!

    more to come. www.wordsaucenation.com

  3. hostel balcony with a view of the futbol stadium and the mountains. 

  4. hostel balcony chillin

  5. outside the window

  7. This lady made some amazing kabobs and BBQ chicken, we weren’t the only ones trying to get a bite. the second we sat down to eat their were at least a pack of 10 stray dogs surrounding us, our cook rushed them away and these were the two last stragglers. 

  8. Daily thunderstorms on the mainland you could see from the island Utila.

  9. this little boy playing the flute ontop of a roof. 

  10. Met this little guy in Tela on our way to La Ceiba. Our taxi driver stopped by this town to show us the beautiful beaches and at this bar on the sand of the beach was this guy. 

  11. A few hours after Stefan, Javier, Phil and i arriving at the San pedro sula airport. We arrived at the airport at Midnight and decided to sleep in the airport until sunrise. 

  13. tree root in Copan, Honduras inside of the copan mayan ruins

  14. crossing over the suspend bridge into the jungle in Honduras Ig:@ croissant__


  15. "Gonna wake up in Honduras this weekend"