1. trying my hand at some type, got lots to learn but its gonna be fun! 

    Philadelphia view once you climb to the top of my roof

  2. "Take our photo!"

    neighbors of francisville, Philadelphia walking around as i wait for the bus.

  3. Bus commutes through the city

  4. Buildings within the skies

  5. enjoyed the drink just as much as i enjoyed watching it being made. 

  6. Ross whipping up some drinks at vedge restaurant

  7. The dimming hours of Philadelphia

  8. Eyes on top but my feet always grounded.

  9. close enough i suppose

  10. out n’ about

  11. The future is here!

  12. BYOSC -” bring your own sippy cup”

    alexis showing us how you prep for the midtown festival. 

  13. This koozie is going places.

  14. forever a beer around. 

  15. middle of somewhere